25 Iconic Celebrities That Have Proudly Rocked Curly Hair

Curly hair is amazing!

It’s soft, it’s voluminous, and it can be worn in a variety of styles. But the best part about curly hair is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s also incredibly versatile–you can wear it straightened or curled up into a bun or ponytail. And over the years, celebrities like Alicia Keys, Keke Palmer, Taylor Swift and more have rocked some iconic curly hairstyles. Here’s our definitive top 25 list:

1. Solange Knowles

solange knowles curly hair

Solange Knowles’ curly hair is quite possible the most beautiful thing that has ever existed. She’s been rocking the same hairstyle since 2008, when she first started making music. She takes good care of it by washing it regularly, applying conditioner, and using moisturizing products on it to keep it soft and shiny. It’s safe to say — if you’re going to have a hairstyle as iconic as hers, you should prepare for the care that it entails. Her dedication to her curls earns her the #1 spot on our list.

2. Yara Shahidi

yara shahidi curly bangs

Yara Shahidi’s curly hair is a force to be reckoned with. Her hair is so beautiful that it deserves an Instagram account dedicated to it –and we’re not just saying that because we’re obsessed fans! Her curls are just so bouncy and full of life.

She has been rocking her curly hair for a while now, and it’s clear she isn’t afraid to experiment with different styles. It’s no surprise that she’s become an inspiration for so many young girls who want to embrace their natural texture.

3. Tracee Ellis Ross

tracee ellis ross curly

The actress has been rocking her natural hair for years, and she’s become a major advocate for embracing your natural beauty. In fact, she won an Emmy Award for her role in “Blackish” partly because of how much she embodies the show’s message about embracing your differences and loving yourself for who you are.

Ross’ advice for getting your curly hair to look like hers? Don’t use too much product. She says that too much can weigh down your curls and make them look greasy. Instead, use a little bit at a time until you find what works best for your own hair type!


4. Jennifer Lawrence (J-Law)

jennifer lawrence curly

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, and she’s known for many things: her Oscar-winning performances, her sense of humor, and her killer style. She also happens to have curly hair–and she rocks it! Lawrence’s curls are often described as “big and bouncy,” but what does that mean? Well, it means that her curls are full and voluminous. They’re not tightly coiled or tightly spiraled–they’re loose and free-flowing. Her hair has a lot of volume at the top of her head, with plenty of bounce as well as length.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will give you more volume than traditional curls do (without going too far), this might be the look for you!

5. Zendaya

zendaya curls hair

Zendaya’s curly hair is like a work of art. Zendaya started out with straight hair and then she got the idea to start curling it, which led her down the path of having the most amazing curls ever. She’s admitted she was insecure about her curls before, and thank heavens she was able to become comfortable in her curls. She has been wearing them ever since and they just keep getting better and better!

6. Rihanna

rihanna curly

Rihanna’s curly hair has been a defining feature in her career, she often wears it in its natural state, embracing her curls and showcasing them in various styles. This has helped to break down stereotypes and promote natural curls in mainstream media. Rihanna has played with different curly hairstyles and frequently shares her hair care routine, encouraging others to embrace their natural curls.

7. Janelle Monáe

janelle monae curly hair

Janelle Monáe’s curly hair is a stunning example of natural beauty. Her curls are defined, voluminous, and add texture to her overall look. Monáe’s hair is healthy and always well maintained, making it an inspiration for those with curly hair. Her curls are versatile and can be worn natural or styled in various ways, from updos to sleek ponytails. Monáe’s curly hair perfectly complements her bold, unapologetic and confident persona.

8. Halle Berry

halle berry curly hair

Halle Berry’s curly hair is the definition of perfection. Her defined ringlets exude confidence and elegance. It’s the kind of hair you want to run your fingers through, and it’s definitely the kind of hair that inspires people to grow out their natural curls.

The actress has been rocking her natural texture for years now, and she looks amazing every time she does it. She knows how to work with her natural texture, instead of trying to hide or straighten it out like so many other celebrities do.

9. Taraji P. Henson

taraji p henson curly hair

Coming in at number nine is Taraji. Her curly hair is full of volume, and exudes a natural radiance. Taraji’s curls are versatile and can be worn natural or styled in various ways, from sleek updos to wild curls.

10. Laverne Cox

laverne cox curly hair

Laverne Cox is a goddess. She is an American actress and LGBT advocate. She rose to prominence with her role as Sophia Burset on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. But what makes Laverne Cox really special, and what we love most about her is her curly hair. It’s so thick and full, it practically has its own gravitational pull. She wears her curls with pride, and she doesn’t apologize for them or try to hide them.

11. Viola Davis

viola davis curly

The Legendary Viola Davis. She’s won two Oscars, and she’s been nominated for another five. She’s been in more than 50 films, and she’s starred as some of the most iconic characters in modern American history–from Annie Johnson in The Help to Annalise Keating on How to Get Away with Murder. But what’s almost more impressive than her career? Her curly hair! Viola Davis is known for having one of the most iconic curly hairstyles in Hollywood history. Her curls exude confidence and natural radiance, adding to her powerful presence and has been featured on several magazine covers .

12. Amandla Stenberg

amandla stenberg curly hair

The actress and singer often wears her hair in loose, natural curls and is known for her unique and edgy fashion sense. Her curly hair is a big part of what makes her so iconic, but it’s also just one part of a larger picture: her style, her activism, and her approachability.

Amandla’s curly hair is something that she embraces as a part of herself — she doesn’t try to hide it or change it because it’s “different” or “unconventional.” Instead, she uses it as an opportunity to show off her personality and individuality through the way she styles it.

13. Adrienne Bailon

adrienne bailon curly hair

Adrienne Bailon has long been known for her curly hair. Wherever she goes, she’s spotted with a head full of beautiful curls. Her locks are often styled in tight, bouncy waves. Sometimes they’re loose and tousled with baby hairs peeking out all along the length of her strands.

14. Angela Basset

angela basset long curly hair

I love Angela Bassett’s hair!

I’ve never seen a woman with curly hair as gorgeous as Angela Bassett’s—it’s so full and luscious, and it really suits her face. I also love that she just has natural curls instead of using hot rollers or perms. I’m sure it takes longer to maintain than the other styles, but I think it’s worth it for how natural it looks overall.

15. Sandra Oh

sandra oh curly hair

Sandra Oh has been a model for many years, but since her breakout role on Grey’s Anatomy, she’s been known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She hasn’t always been a fan of her kinks and coils; in fact, she once said that she would shave her head if she could have straight hair. But after years of experimenting with different styles and methods, Sandra finally found a way to embrace her curls and make them work for her.
And we’re glad she did!

16. Oprah Winfrey

oprah winfrey curly

When the gods make you a star, they really know how to endow you with amazing assets. That seems to be the case for Oprah; she has been blessed with amazing curly hair. Not only does her hair look great on her, but also it shows that she is strong and confident in who she is.

17. Taylor Swift

taylor swift curly hair

Taylor Swift’s curly hair is gorgeous. When Taylor was born, her mom said that her head was covered in curls. And while Taylor was growing up, she began to experiment with different ways to style her hair—and boy did she find some great ones! She’s always been an expert at creating the perfect look for any occasion.

18. Keke Palmer

keke palmer short curly hair

Keke Palmer’s curly hair is a thing of beauty.

She’s been rocking her natural curls since she was a kid, and it’s so refreshing to see someone embrace their natural texture instead of trying to straighten it or get extensions every day.

Keke has always been an advocate for body positivity and self-love, and her attitude toward her hair is just another example of how she knows what’s up!

19. Alicia Keys

alicia keys curly hair

I always thought of Alicia Keys as the perfect example of how beautiful a woman could be while still having soft curly hair.

Her hair is so beautiful, but it’s also so easy to manage! I love that she’s able to keep it in such great shape and style it in such a variety of ways. I think that anyone can do it—even if their hair isn’t curly!

20. Gabrielle Union

gabrielle union curly

Gabrielle Union is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. And her curls makes her even more lovable. She’s got such beautiful texture and movement to it, and it looks so good on her face that I want to melt into a puddle at her feet every time I see it (don’t we all?).

But beyond all the surface-level reasons why Gabrielle Union’s curls are so great, there’s another reason that I admire her so much: she has never let herself be defined by what society thinks of as “beautiful.” She’s always been able to look at herself in the mirror and say “that’s me,” even if that meant wearing curls or wigs when no one else would ever do so.

21. Rita Ora

rita ora curly hair

Rita Ora is a style icon. No BUTS. Rita Ora has always been a great example of how to achieve the perfect balance of natural beauty and professional perfection. I mean, she’s been rocking a fabulous ‘fro since 2014, but over the last few years she’s gotten even more into the whole “curly” thing. She’s been rocking it on stage and in music videos, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look more beautiful than she does when she’s wearing curls.

22. Queen Latifah

queen latifah curly hair

Queen Latifah is one of the most iconic women in music history. She has a career spanning over two decades, and her musical contributions are undeniable. As an African American woman, she has always spoken out about important social issues such as racism and police brutality. She is also well-known for her beautiful curls and natural beauty. From long to tight curls and everything in between, Queen Latifah has always been able to pull off her own unique look with ease. And not just because she’s an icon (though that helps), it’s because she knows how to make the most of her natural curls.

23. Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson curly

Jennifer Hudson is a superstar. She’s a Grammy-winning artist, an Academy Award nominee, and the winner of many other awards, including two Emmys. And she’s also had curly hair since she was a child — which means that she has been able to own her curls and embrace them in the most beautiful way possible.

24. Michelle Williams

michelle williams curly

Michelle Williams’ curly hair is a sight to behold.

Her big and bouncy curls are just so full and beautiful, it’s hard not to stare at them for a good five minutes. She’s been featured in Vogue, Elle and Glamour, and she’s worked with top hairstylists like Jen Atkin and Danilo Pascual. The curly hair she sports on the red carpet is no coincidence—she knows how to style it for maximum impact.

25. Zoe Saldana

zoe saldana curly

Zoe Saldana is a model, actress and director who has made her mark as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her curly hair is definitely one of her best assets, but it’s also what makes her super cool. Zoe’s curly hair is perfect for being on set—it gives her a lot more freedom to move around without worrying about getting it messed up. It also makes styling easier because she can just run a curling iron through it if she wants to change up the look.

So, that concludes our top favourite celebrity curly hairdo! Be on the look out for our next ranking post on mullets and red hair!