Top 10 Futuristic Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Cool

Tired of “normal” hairstyles and want to change up your look? Make a bold statement? We’ve got just the thing for you. In today’s post, we’ll go over a list of futuristic hairstyles handpicked by our team, that will make you stand out from the crowd and importantly, look cool while doing so.

1. Half Up Knot Futuristic Hairstyle

half up knot futuristic hairstyle

This futuristic hairstyle is for those who love Sci-Fi and long hair. It starts with a knot at the top of the head, and then cascades down to the chest. The cascading locks that fall down to the chest area adds a free-flowing appearance to the look. It’s a hairstyle that highlights your facial features.

2. Wide Part Futuristic Hair

wide part futuristic hair

The wide part hairstyle is as dramatic and striking as it gets. It starts with parting the hair slightly in the middle, and then having the hair flow down on both sides of the face, almost covering the eyes. If you want something that makes you look like a character out of Lord Of The Rings, this is your best shot.

3. Short Parted Futuristic Hairstyle

short parted futuristic

This style involves parting the hair sideways, tucking them neatly behind the eyebrows. It’s a short hairstyle, and it emphasizes your facial features. If you’re going after an assassin look, you sure can’t miss with this one!

4. Futuristic Short Bob

sci fi futuristic bob hairstyle

If you’re looking for a hairstyle akin to that of the star actress in “Bullet Train”, you can’t go wrong with this short bob. The style stops around the neck area, with little fringes covering the forehand and a generous spread to the sides.

5. Long Parted

parted sides long futuristic hairstyle

This hairstyle is another one to consider if you have long hair and you want a sleek and polished look. It starts with an even distribution at the top, which creates a sense of balance and symmetry, then spreads down gently to the chest area.

6. Cyberpunk Futuristic Hair

cyberpunk futuristic hair

True fans of Sci Fi and gaming can appreciate this one. It features some braids at the beginning of the scalp, which then transitions into a pony-tail like length at the back, creating a unique and edgy look.

7. Goldilocks Futuristic Hairstyle

goldilocks futuristic hairstyle

The Goldilocks hairstyle features a combination of thick braids and loose hair that flows down the back. The style is inspired by the fairy tale character Goldilocks and her iconic braids, but with a futuristic twist. The braids can be adorned with beads and other jewelry to give it a more futuristic feel. This hairstyle is perfect for those with long hair who want to add a touch of playfulness and quirkiness to their look.

8. Folded Buns With Tendrils

Folded Buns With Tendrils

This hairstyle takes on the traditional bun, but adds a futuristic twist to it, with the buns folded into a loop, and with wispy tendrils of hair left loose to fall around the face and shoulders. It is the perfect futuristic hairstyle for those looking to add elegance and sophistication to their appearance.

9. Double Bun Futuristic Hairstyle

double bun futuristic hairstyle

This hairstyle is similar to number 8, with double buns and tendrils flowing down the sides of the face. However, it maintains the style of traditional buns and doesn’t alter it in any way. It also features a fringe, which covers the forehead pretty well.

10. Medusa Futuristic Hairstyle

scorpion futuristic hairstyle

This hairstyle is a bold and edgy look that features free-flowing braids to the front, sides and back. The style takes inspiration from the mythical character Medusa (as the title suggests), known for her snakes that formed her hair. There isn’t another hairstyles that can make you stand out from the crowd like this one.