10 Loc Bun Styles You Should Absolutely Try

From double bun, to petal bun there are so many ways to style your locs! Here’s our curated list for loc bun styles we adore:

1. High Tower Loc Bun

high tower loc buns

We kick off our list strong with this high loc style. If you wanna be bold and make a statement, you sure can’t go wrong with them locs! It’s big, intimidating and shows off your superwoman powers!

2. The High Side Loc Bun

side bun locs

This loc style adds a bit of height to the top, and then mellows it by taking the locs to the style, creating a classy look. It’s perfect for both casual and formal events and you’d be sure to stand out with loc style!

3. The Two Loc Bun Style

double high locs

One loc bun not enough for ya? Go for double! This loc bun style is perfect for experimenting with wild looks and is sure to draw attention whereever you wear it to.

4. Frontal Bang Loc Bun

frontal bang bun locs

If you’re looking to wear your locs in a bun and have a bit of bang to it, this is the style for you. It’s non-traditional, in the sense that it combines two completely different styles into something that will make you stand out.

5. Frontal Parted Loc Bun

frontal parted loc buns

Take your locs to the next level with this parted style. Bring some of it to the front and then send the rest to the back of your head. It’s big, classy and yet, somehow subtle. You can easily wear this loc bun to church, work or any occassion!

6. Tendril-Style Loc Bun

tendril style loc buns


Tendrils are sure making a comeback! If you feel like having a bun will rob you of the feeling of hair around your face, then opt for the tendril style, where two or more hair strands are let down in the front of your face, with the rest of your locs packed up tight. You’ll end up with a classy look that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

7. Orange Loc Bun

orange locs

Apparently having your hair in a loc bun isn’t enough for some people. They’d rather add some color to it. If you’re one of those people, then you’ll love this orange loc bun. Packed tightly up, it gives your face some room to breath, and then adds that bit of pop you’re looking for. An attention-grabber for sure!

9. Petal Loc Bun

loc petal

Oh, for the love of petals! This loc bun is the perfect mix between outgoing and classy. It’s medium length, not too bushy and highlights your face. Try it if you work mainly in a casual setting for a different look. Your co-workers will be sure to envy you!

10. Inverse Pony Loc Bun

Inverse Pony Loc Bun

Think a ponytail, but inverse. This loc bun style takes the top of the bun and brings it forward, making for a very bold outlook. It’s sure to get you a few glances, lol!

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