Yep: We’ve All Fallen Asleep During A Haircut. It’s OK.

Blandford Barber In Blandford Forum, Dorset | Mistique Barber

If you are a frequent visitor to barbershops (and I’m just gonna go out on a limb here to guess you are), you’ve definitely fallen asleep one or two times during your haircut session.

I mean, it’s not like you’re trying to be rude, but it’s usually a result of being relaxed by the calming sounds of that nice guy next to you talking about how he had to sleep on his couch because his wife was a real jerk this week or maybe it was that guy in the corner describing his need for a new pair of shoes.

Or, maybe it was the shrill sound of the hair clipper buzzing over your head that makes your eyelids feel so heavy. Whatever it is, you’ve fallen asleep at least once while getting your hair cut and I’m here to tell you that.

I mean, really, who can blame you? You’re sitting there for 30 minutes with your head tilted back and a razor scraping the back of your neck. It’s basically a recipe for snooze town. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep in a comfortable chair with their head massaged by a professional barber? It beats trying to sleep on an airplane where your neck is contorted around the seat back in front of you, trust me.

But being able to fall asleep in your barber’s chair is a luxury that not everyone gets to experience. Everyone thinks they have a good barber, but only a few actually do.

If you’re lucky enough to have found the right barber, don’t take them for granted! They’re the ones who not only make sure your hair looks good but also make sure you feel good while getting your hair done. They make sure your day starts off right by giving you great conversation and laughs while they work their magic on your hair.

They keep things light and fun, but if it gets too deep and serious, they’ll change the subject so quick that you’ll be instantly distracted from what was previously making your day rough.

So if you’re fortunate enough to have found “the one” of barber shops in Blandford, never let them go. That “one” is Mistique Barber.

When you come in, you’re treated like royalty and you leave feeling like royalty too. Book an appointment today and experience what ultimate relaxation means when it comes to the barbershop experience. We’re one of the best blandford barbers around!