Classy Haircuts For Men In 2023

Getting a classy haircut can do wonders for a man’s confidence and appearance. But with so many options available, choosing the perfect one can be challenging In this article, we will discuss the most classy haircuts for men that are both trendy and timeless.

Short sides, a sleek top? YES. A little bit of length that’s been shaved asymmetrically? Hell yes! Added texture with thinned-out ends? Definitely. And let us not forget the power of a well-groomed beard—or, you know, just a good shave. That said, dive into our curated list for your 2023 haircuts:

#1 – The Kurt Cobain

Made popular by the iconic rocker himself, this look is perfect for anyone who wants to keep it short and simple. And it works especially well if you have a nice, round face shape.

The Kurt Cobain Haircut

#2 – The Slicked Back + Beard

Get rid of that crazy beard for just a few minutes and let your hair down. Just remember to do an excellent job with the combover before letting it all hang out in front again.

The Slicked Back + Beard Haircut

#3 – The Man Bun (aka “The Wookie”)

If you’re not ready to commit to a full beard, then give the Wookie a try. It’s perfect for anyone who has thin hair, or those who just want their (thin) hair out of their face!

The Man Bun (aka "The Wookie")

#4 – The Pompadour

The pompadour is one of the most recognizable hairstyles out there. And for good reason—the look is classic and can work for any guy. There are so many variations of the pomp, you’re really just limited by your own imagination.

Some guys opt for more of a side-swept look, while others prefer to keep it in a more traditional style that covers the front of their faces. If you’re looking to get a fresh new cut and feeling a little unsure about how to style it, we’ve got you covered!

The Pompadour

#5 – The Low Taper Fade

This is a subtle, low-contrast taper fade on the sides of your head. When you want to look more organized and put-together, you don’t have to shave your head or go full rockstar with a high-contrast fade. Instead, you can get this low taper fade that starts at your ears and follows your hairline back to the nape of your neck, making it look like your hair is still growing out naturally.

The Low Taper Fade

#6 – The Short Quiff Haircut

The Quiff isn’t going anywhere. It’s one of the most classic hairstyles for guys, and it continues to be a popular style in barbershops, especially when you’re trying to switch things up from your traditional buzz cut. The quiff has been around since the 1940s, and today it’s more popular than ever.

It was a prominent hairstyle for rockabilly fans and greasers in the 50s through the 70s, and it has made its way to every hair-styling scene since. The skin fade on the sides enhances the height on top, giving your look personality and shape without being too drastic for your preferences. The skin fade also provides a clean-cut look that blends seamlessly with your facial features.

The Short Quiff Haircut

#7 – The Spiky Hair Fade

If you’re not a fan of the mohawk trend but like the spiky look all the same, we’ve got something here that may be right up your alley. This style is formal enough for work, yet can be styled less formally for weekends and more casual events. The short fade allows for easy maintenance and still looks sharp due to the shaved sides and back.

The Spiky Hair Fade Haircut

#8 – The Burst Fade Mohawk

Just because it’s called a mohawk haircut doesn’t mean your stylist is restricted to just one design. There are many ways to style the Mohawk, including this curly version. It’s not only great looking, but super short on the sides with bursts of curls up top. For a burst of height, have hair blown out to stand straight up on top.

At Mistique Barber Blandford, we take the classic mohawk and gives it a burst fade. Grunge meets pristine.

The Burst Fade Mohawk

#9 – The Faux Hawk & Shaved Sides

The faux hawk is maybe the most classic of self-styles for men, and this one is a more modern take on it. It was literally made for brushless, matte wax grooming – and we love the controlled, slightly messy look it gives you. Pair with tapered sideburns a little longer than the buzzed sides, and you’re set.

The Faux Hawk & Shaved Sides

#10 – The Surfer Dude

The “Surfer Dude” is perfect for the long, curly-haired guy looking to achieve a laid-back look. The waves at the top of this style add a splash of texture, while the short sides offer versatility in how you style your hair––it can be spiked, spiked and messy, or smooth.

The Surfer Dude Haircut

#11 – The Caesar Cut

Named after the ancient Roman emperor, this hairstyle is characterized by a short fringe and a textured top for a sophisticated and timeless look.

The Caesar Cut

#12 – The Ivy League Cut

This traditional haircut features a short back and sides with a longer top, creating a classic and preppy look.

The Ivy League Haircut

#13 – The Textured Quiff

A modern twist on the iconic quiff, this style incorporates texture for a more natural look.

The Textured Quiff

#14 – The French Crop

A low-maintenance yet stylish haircut, the French crop features a short fringe and a slightly longer top for a clean and classic look.

The French Crop

15 – The Angular Fringe

A bold and daring haircut that features a short back and sides with a longer, angular fringe for a sleek and edgy finish.

angular The Angular Fringe

That’s it! Our curated list for the best classy haircuts you can rock as a gentleman. These haircuts are timeless and will never fail.