20 Not So Boring Corporate Fashion Ideas For The Gentleman

As a gentleman in the corporate world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same old boring outfits every day. However, dressing well and standing out can go a long way in the business world. In this article, we will explore some not so boring corporate fashion ideas you can try yourself!

Green Suit Jacket

green suit jacket 1

Great for the corporate setting. Wear preferably on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Pair with brown shoes for a refined look. This green jacket suit allows you make a change to the usual “black” appearance that is associated with the corporate world.

Corduroy + Checkered Top

Checkered cashmere blazer, beige cardigan, brown corduroy trousers, light blue shirt, brown tie and suede loafers. A more than decent outfit for your corporate setting.

Windowpane Suit

A twist on the classic suit look, featuring a checkered pattern made up of thin, vertical and horizontal lines that intersect to create a window-like effect. The pattern typically consists of larger squares, giving the suit a bold and striking appearance.

Paisley + Navy Suit

This outfit’s got a little bit of everything in it– a paisley pattern, orange accents for some added flair, and a navy blue dominant color that goes on just about any skin tone. A perfect fit for the office.

The All-Blue Accent

blue accented suit

IG / 2jb2

This all-blue accent outfit is great when you’re going for a chill and calm vibe. The motif pocket square completes the entire ensemble.

TurtleSweater + Black Pants

For a business-casual look, go for this killer look of a white turtleneck sweater, combined with black pants. It looks sharp, sexy, and still appropriate enough for a corporate setting. Pair them with your favorite watch to wrap things up!

Jacket & Pants

Still on the business-casual look, try on this brown jacket with black pants and white sneakers for the perfect balance between serious and casual!

V-Neck Sweaters

v neck sweater

Ah, the neck sweater, the perfect garment for the dapper corporate gentleman. It’s like a warm hug for your neck, keeping you cozy and stylish all at once.

Oxford Shirt

oxford corporate shirt

A button-down Oxford shirt can be dressed up or down and looks great with a suit or blazer.

Striped Shirt + Black Suit

If you want to break way from the boring “white” and black suit appearance, wear a striped shirt for a difference. It’s a great way to make some changes to your dressing routine and it adds a bit of “casual” to your corporate look.

Poplin Shirt w/ Motif Print

Another great alternative to the boring corporate shirt style. Wear this with a black or navy blue tie and suit for a sexy appearance.

Herringbone + Brown Coat

Put this down as another win in the business-casual department. In the above, we have a brown double breasted overcoat with blue herringbone cotton shirt, dark navy jeans, brown loafers and transparent blue sunglasses.

Charcoal Suit

The Charcoal suit is a great alternative to the navy blue suit that is swarming the corporate world. In this look above, we have a pairing of the charcoal suit with a light blue shirt and a medallion patterned tie on top.

Glen Plaid Suit

If you are looking for a suit that can elevate your style, you might want to consider a glen plaid suit. A glen plaid suit is a timeless and versatile choice that can suit any gentleman who appreciates quality and sophistication.

A glen plaid suit can be worn for various occasions, from formal meetings to casual outings. The key is to pair it with the right shirt, tie, shoes and accessories. For a business professional look, opt for a crisp white shirt and a solid or striped tie in a contrasting color. You can also add a pocket square or a lapel pin for some extra flair. 😎

Tweed Suit

A tweed suit is a classic and durable choice that can suit any gentleman who appreciates quality and craftsmanship. It is characterized by a rough-textured fabric made from woolen yarns, usually in earthy colors like brown, green, gray or blue. In the example look above, the shirt complementing the suit is a denim and it couldn’t look any better!

Tan Blazer w/ Black Pants

tan blazer w black pants

A tan blazer is a great option for the summer and looks great when paired with black shirts, black pants and black shoes.

Plaid Blazers

plaid blazer

If you’re looking for a jacket that can add some personality and flair to your outfit, you might want to consider a plaid blazer. For a formal look, opt for a combination of the plaid blazer, a white shirt, and also white (or black) pants. You can also add a white pocket square to to complement your look.

Wool Blazer

wool blazer

A wool blazer is a classic choice that looks great in any season. Paired with a white shirt and black pants, it looks great on just about anybody.

Suede Blazer

suede blazer

A suede blazer is characterized by a soft and smooth fabric made from the underside of animal skin, usually lamb, goat or calf. The fabric has a velvety feel and a natural grain that can come in various colors and finishes. It has a cozy and sophisticated appeal that embraces any complexion and body type.

Seesucker Suit

seersucker suit

A seersucker suit is made from lightweight cotton, which has usually has a puckered or crinkled appearance that creates air pockets between the fabric and the skin. The fabric usually has stripes or checks in various colors and sizes. It has a breezy and casual appeal that can make you stand out from the crowd. In my opinion, one of the best suit designs of all time!